Rules and Regulations

Governing Body Rules and Regulations :

The Governor of Assam by notification No. B(2)H294/2001/4, is pleased to make the followings rules regulating the management of Non-Govt. Colleges in Assam. These rules were partially amended on 9th July 2009 by notification No. AHE-331/2008/33.

1. Short title, application and commencement:

a) These rules may be called the Assam Non-Government College Management Rules, 2001as per Govt. notification, 15th June, 2001.
b) They shall come into force on the date of their publication in the Official Gazette.
c) They shall be applicable to Non-Government College in Assam affiliated by any Central or State University of Assam an in receipt of deficit Grants-in-Aid or ad-hoc Grants-in-Aid, from the State Government.

2. Name of the Institution:

Goreswar College, Goreswar

3. Address of the main office of the Institution:

Goreswar College, PO & PS: Goreswar, Dist Baksa (BTC) Assam Pin-78166

4. Area of operation:

(Area of operation means area of activity): the Perimeter of Greater Goreswar is the area of operation of Goreswar College.

5. Objectives:

Following are the aims and objectives of Goreswar College:

i) All round development of greater Goreswar area.
ii) Intellectual and Academic Development of Students of greater Goreswar area in general and Goreswar college in Particular.
iii) Working towards rehabilitation and self employment of ex-students of Goreswar College.
iv) To development the surrounding area of the college and its adjacent villages is respect federation, health and environment .

6. Composition:

The Governing Body shall consist of

i) One President, who shall be a eminent person from the field of education, to be appointed by the Director, Higher Education for a term of five years.
ii) One Secretary, the Principal of the College shall be the ex-officio Secretary of the Governing Body, provided that if circumstances so demand, the Director may nominate the vice-Principal or the senior most teacher of the college to act as the secretary in lieu of the principal for a period of six Months, and beyond that period with the state Govt’s prior approval.
iii) The Vic-Principal, ex-officio member.
iv) Two University nominees, to be nominated by Gauhati University.
v) Three Guardian Members, one member being a Lady member. They shall be nominated by the Director, Higher Education for a term of three years or till their wards is a student of the college, whichever is earlier.
vi) Two teachers representatives from among the teachers of the college for a period of one year. Provided that the teachers so elected shall not be eligible for being re-elected for the third successive term.
vii) One member from among the employees of the college, other than teaching staff, to be nominated by the principal.
viii) One donor member, from among the donors providing Rs. 50000/- or more to be elected by them for a period of one year.

7. Short Description of Governing Body:

As given in page No. 2

8. Term of Governing Body:

The term of the Governing Body is 5(five) Years. The term of the President is for a period of 5(Five) Years. The term of other members shall vary from one year to three years. The term of the Secretary (Principal being the Ex-Officio Secretary) and the Vice-Principal (Ex-Officio Member) shall be up to time of their retirement.

9. Management of Fund:

The Fund of the College shall come from collection of students’ fees, donations by well wishers of the college and Fund provided by the State Govt. and the UGC. The Fund so collected shall be used by the secretary (Principal) in consultation with the Governing Body. To look after construction works in the college, the Governing Body may form a construction committee with some members of the G.B. and some senior most members of the teaching and non-teaching staff of the College.
The Secretary of the Governing Body to report to the Director, the Secretary of the Governing Body shall be responsible to report to the Director about any deviation of financial norms and procedures or any loss of assets of the College immediately wherever it comes to his notice.

10. Meeting of the Governing Body:

i) There shall be four Sittings of the Governing Body in a year. Each meeting shall be convened after every three months. There should be at least one meeting of the G.B. after every six months.
ii) A meeting of the Governing Body shall be called by the Secretary with the consent of the President, if it is not a requisitioned meeting by the 2/3 (two-Third) members of the Governing Body, with not less than 7 (Seven) days’ notice.
iii) The notice of a meeting shall set forth the business to be transacted at the meeting and no business other than so stated shall be transacted, expect with the consent of three-four of the members present.
iv) Expect any emergency meeting, which shall be so notified, all meeting of Governing Body shall be held in the College Premises.

11. Quorum:

At least six members of the Governing Body, Excluding the Co-opted member, shall form a quorum of the meeting.

12. Proceeding of the meeting of the Governing Body:

i) The minutes of the proceeding of the meeting shall be recorded in the Proceeding Books by the Secretary and signed by all the members present.
ii) If any note of dissent is given by any members it shall be recorded in the Proceedings Book.
iii) All records of the Governing Body shall be Kept in the College Office and the Head of the College shall be responsible to preserve all such records properly and safely.

13. Disqualification :

any member, who absents himself for more than 4(four) consecutive meetings of the Governing Body, without informing the President, shall cease to be a member of the Governing Body and the Secretary shall report the fact to the Director for record, Further, the nomination of member of the Governing Body shall be void owing to any of the following grounds:

  1.  If he becomes insolvent
  2. If by reasons of physical or moral turpitude he becomes incapable of acting as such;
  3. On death or resignation
  4. On his being convicted of a criminal offence involving moral turpitude.


14. Audit:

A qualified Auditor shall be appointed by the Governing Body as internal auditor. He will audit the college account once in a year and submit the audit report to the G.B. However there will be a government auditor and he will audit the annul account as per govt. rules.

15. Legal procedure:

According to the prevision laid down in the section 6 of the societies – Registration Act Xxi of 1960, the Government/DHE may sue or may be sued in the name of the president and secretary of the Governing Body.

16. Desolation:

The Governing Body is a permanent body. If the president resigns the DHE will appoint a new president for a term of maximum six months. Within this period the Director of Higher Education shall appoint a new president of the Governing Body.

17. Submission of annual accounts:

The secretary of the Governing Body shall ensure submission of audited annual accounts and annual administration report to the Director of Higher Education.

18. Certified to be the true copy of the rules and regulation of the Governing Body of the Institution.
Signature of three Executive Members(With Designation)

19. Declaration of the president and secretary regarding receipt of fund from Government. The Secretary (Principal) shall utilize the Govt. Fund according to the direction of the UGC, DHE and G.B. He shall submit utilization report to the concerned authority in due course of time. He is bound to submit the annual audit report to the Government.