Principal of Goreswar College
Dr. Khargeswar Deka, M.Com, B.Ed, Ph.D.

Message from the Principal:

Quality education is the key to all round development of a society. Out of all levels of education, college education plays much stronger role and acts as during force in the socio-economic transformation of a society. If the young generation of a society gets enough opportunity to have quality education at the college level, they shine not only in their personal life but also contribute significantly to the society. Keeping in mind the role of college education, Goreswar College tries to impact this level of education with utmost care, sincerity and dedication. The fundamental responsibility of the college is to serve the people and strive for the spread of higher education. The college family is eagerly waiting to help and guide the students to be admitted at the college to achieve their noble goals in life and prepare them as responsible citizens..