Assistant Professor

Qualification: M.A, Mphil. 


  1. BA in Year University 2003, Guwahati University
  2. MA in Year University 2005, Guwahati University
  3. M.phil: Year University 2008, Vinayak Mission University
  1. Book Chapter Publication, The paper entitled “Respect or Apaciti to Diversity of Lives in the World: Buddhist Perspectives on the First Precept of No Killing” A Peer-reviewed Researched Edited Book, “JNANAM” Vol-I,  August 2020.ISBN: 978-93-89940-67-1
  2. IJEPR, Peer Reviewed Journal, Vol. 10, Issue 1, The paper entitled, “Buddhist Ethics and the Application of Non-Violence for Attaining World Peace, ISSN-2349-0853. March 2021.
  3. AJHSSR, Peer Reviewed Journal“ In Social Context of Buddhist Ethics”, Vol 5, Issue 1, 2022,  ISSN: 2581-8868, pp. 83-85.